Who's who in the Northern Mining and NSW Energy District

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District Leadership

District President: Peter Jordan
District Secretary:  Shane Thompson

District Vice Presidents

Robin Williams
Jeff Drayton
Jeremy McWilliams
Mark McGrath

District Check Inspectors

Stephen Tranter Tony Watson

Industrial/Legal Officers

  • Keenon Endacott
  • Jennifer Short

Board Members

  • Mark Avery
  • Brad Bates
  • Peter Compton (Central Councillor)
  • Michael Dobie (Central Councillor)
  • Simon Duff
  • Glenn Kollner
  • Darren Maxwell
  • Stephen Mepham (Central Councillor)
  • Jason Porter
  • Joseph Price
  • Matthew Reid
  • Michael Schofield (Central Councillor)
  • Sharon Smoothy
  • Michael Taggart
  • Darren Watson