Industrial Legal Services

Your best protection at the workplace comes from belonging to the Union. It is against the law for your employer to prevent you from joining the union.

As a member of our Union you can access the assistance of full time Officials, specialist professional legal and industrial staff. You also have the opportunity to network with other unionists in the industry. Be part of a collective that secures your rights and continues a long and proud history of better and safer workplaces.

Your Rights at Work

Are you and your mates sick of not having a say at your workplace? The Fair Work Act gives you the right to bargain as a group and to be represented by the Union. Your employer can’t say no. Have a talk to your workmates and get organised to improve your pay and conditions. Contact your District office for help with organising your workplace.

If you are ready to join up now, fill in our Join Form.


Under the Fair Work Act (FWA) the new safety net for employees’ wages and conditions is made up of a Modern Award and the National Employment Standards (NES). If you have a collective agreement at your workplace then it will provide for more and if negotiated by the Union, much more.

These are the modern awards that apply to our areas of membership. If it isn’t clear from the name of the award if it is for your industry, open it and read the coverage clause. The NES cover minimum core conditions for ordinary hours, unpaid parental leave, most types of paid leave, notice of termination and redundancy pay.

For information about specific awards, please contact the National Office - 02 9267 1035.

Enterprise Agreements

Most employees in our industries are covered by a collective (Enterprise) agreement. You can search for and find the agreement which operates at your workplace on the Fair Work Australia website. It can be tricky to find the right agreement. Select the "Advanced Search" button to enter more search options, including selecting your industry from a drop down list.

For more information about specific Agreements, please contact the National Office  - 02 9267 1035