ABC 7.30: Silicosis death a wake up call

Published: 27 Jun 2018

Two weeks ago the ABC's 7.30 program reported on the death of Queensland coal miner Tyrone Buckton, who died after contracting the lung disease silicosis. He had never worked a day underground but was exposed to high levels of silica.

Deadly black lung disease does not only affect underground mineworkers, as this case demonstrates.

Watch the full report here, and read the responses from BHP, Anglo American, the Qld Minister for Mines and the Qld Resource Council.

Have you been checked?

Dust diseases don't discriminate on age, type of mine or work performed. That's why we're urging all workers to get an urgent health scan, to rule out black lung disease.

If you believe your health is at risk, or if you need assistance obtaining health scans, contact the union on (07) 4957 2644.