ACTU declares support for Oaky North members

Published: 31 May 2017

ACTU Secretary Sally McManus has made a declaration of support for Oaky North members who are under attack from Glencore.

Glencore's attack on mineworkers seeks to strip hard fought for conditions from their enterprise agreement. It represents what is wrong with Australia's industrial laws, when big business is favoured at the expense of  workers.

Declaration of Support

"The ACTU stands in solidarity with the Oaky North coal mineworkers in Central Queensland in your struggle to defend your rights at work and protect your hard won living standards and conditions.

We call on the multinational Glencore Corporation to immediately cease attacking its Oaky North employees and respect your right to decent jobs and conditions in your Enterprise Agreement.

We note that Glencore’s attack on Oaky North mineworkers and your families comes at a time when the Federal Turnbull Government continues to shape Australia’s industrial laws in favour of big business at the expense of fair and decent Australian workers.

Now, as much as any other time throughout our proud history, the Union Movement must stand united and strong in the face of attacks on workers, such as the Oaky North mineworkers.

In that spirit, the ACTU stands in solidarity and unity with you in your struggle for a fair Enterprise Agreement."

Download the letter.