Glencore locks out Queensland miners for a further two weeks

Published: 7 Nov 2017

On the same day the global Paradise Papers scandal exposed the offshore tax havens and tax avoidance strategies of companies including multinational mining giant, Glencore, the company locked out 190 workers at the Oaky North coal mine in central Queensland for a further two weeks.

It will bring to 132 the number of days the company has locked the miners out of work.

Yesterday, following a Fair Work Commission mediation session between the union and Glencore representatives, Glencore issued a lockout notice within two hours of the mediation session ending.

The company’s actions come despite the union making some concessions on disputed issues, such as workplace representation and disputes resolution. But Glencore rejected the revised position and issued a further lockout of workers.

“Glencore has already locked out the Oaky North workforce for 123 days, equating to a loss of 265,000 production hours,” Stephen Smyth, CFMEU Mining & Energy Queensland District President, said.

“This further lockout will take that to a record 132 days.

“The workers have overwhelmingly voted to reject Glencore’s agreement on two occasions now.

“The company has been exposed for their unscrupulous tax avoidance strategies. Despite making mega-profits from Australian coal mining, they want to impose an agreement on workers that offers worse conditions and rights than they currently have.

“Glencore has a single objective: to replace all their existing workforce with contractors they can screw over on pay and conditions.

“It is not the Australian way to allow multinationals earning mega-profits from our resources to avoid tax through offshore havens.

“And it is not the Australian way to destroy the lives of workers and their families and communities so you can replace them with cheap contract labour.

“We will fight Glencore every step of the way.”

Contact: Stephen Smyth - 0417 897 845