Great show of strength and solidarity by CFMEU members at Glencore’s Northern mines

Published: 16 Jun 2017

In the most determined show of strength and solidarity seen in our NSW Northern Mining and NSW Energy District in recent years, well  over 1,000 members of the CFMEU employed at various Glencore open cut mining operations in the Hunter Valley unanimously resolved to continue their fight for fair workplace agreements when they met in Singleton yesterday.

The Glencore mineworkers returned to work today after a 48-hour stoppage. They unanimously endorsed taking further industrial action if necessary in the campaign for a Fair Go in new EA agreements to replace those that have already expired.

High on the list for mineworkers is Glencore’s increasing use of casual contract labour along with job security, redundancy rates, and a “miserable pay offer”.

CFMEU District President Peter Jordan says the huge turnout showed the unity and determination of the rank and file to fight for a Fair Go at Glencore’s mines.

“We have contracting members that have been working at some of their jobs for as long as five to six years and they are still in casual positions. This is simply not good enough”, Peter Jordan told a large gathering of media reporters who attended the Singleton meeting.

“Glencore is abusing the use of casual labour, threatening existing workers job security, refusing industry standard redundancy rates and attacking wage and living standards.

“The rank and file at the Glencore mines have shown they are not prepared to cop this and with the full support of the Union we will fight this through to a fair end”, said Peter Jordan.