Griffin Coal must come out from hiding

Published: 4 Dec 2019

Griffin Coal must come out from hiding and address speculation about the future of its Collie coal mine.

CFMEU Mining & Energy WA Division Secretary Greg Busson today said the company had gone Missing In Action, with repeated requests for information going unanswered.

“It is no secret that the mine has been struggling.

“Indeed, workers agreed to accept a significant reduction in pay and conditions in the Enterprise Agreement in 2017, so they could keep the mine open.

“Speculation about the mine’s future, however, has intensified in recent months.

“While the rumours have been getting louder, the silence from the company has only added to stress of the situation for workers and locals.

“The CFMEU wrote to Griffin Coal on the 29thof October requesting a ‘State of the Nation’ meeting so that all employees could be briefed on the financial status of the mine, and the company’s plans.

“Since then, the company has failed to engage with workers or to provide any information.

“With Christmas around the corner, workers and the Collie community deserve better.

“The news may not be good, but workers at least deserve to know the truth.

“The company must come out of hiding and let people know exactly what is going on.”