Hunter miners vote to continue action against Glencore in wake of company’s massive revenue boost from coal

Published: 16 Aug 2017

Hunter Valley coal mineworkers from seven Glencore operations are set to return to work tomorrow following a four day protected action stoppage over Glencore’s persistent refusal to negotiate a fair agreement.

Over 1400 Glencore miners met in Singleton yesterday and voted to continue their action against the company over its attempts to make their jobs less secure.

Last week, the multinational mining giant posted a massive half-yearly profit.

“Glencore’s revenue Australian coal operations jumped from US$1.77 billion to US$3.1 billion in the last half year,” Tony Maher, CFMEU National President said today.

“Their cash profit on every tonne of coal produced was around 41 per cent!

“Yet the very workers who contribute to the swollen coffers are having their wages, conditions and job security eroded by this company.

“Every Glencore worker in the Hunter Valley paid a higher tax rate last year than their employer, yet they have to strike for a fair agreement.

“There is absolutely no doubt that our industrial laws are broken.”

The striking workers called on Glencore to negotiate in good faith to resolve the concerns of their employees over secure permanent jobs, fair and equal terms and conditions for contractors, and fair redundancy pay.

In another protracted Glencore dispute over fair pay and conditions, 190 workers at the Oaky North mine in Queensland have been locked out by Glencore this week.

Glencore has stripped away 50% of working conditions from a version of an agreement that 99 per cent of the Oaky North mine’s workforce previously voted down in a ballot called by the company.

“We are going to stand up to Glencore. We will fight to make them pay their fair share of tax and we will fight for a fair deal. If we stand up and fight back we will win,” Tony Maher said.

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