Industrial action at Kogan Creek

Published: 20 Jun 2017

Workers at the Queensland Government-owned Kogan Creek power plant are set to kick off industrial action this Friday, 23 June, following CS Energy’s refusal to comply with basic employment rights and conditions in negotiations for the new Enterprise Agreement.

CFMEU Mining and Energy Division, Queensland District Vice-President Shane Brunker said members were deeply concerned about the company’s antagonistic, legalistic and anti-worker tactics against workers at the site.

“The Government-owned company, CS Energy is moving to rip conditions from the current agreement that will see local workers significantly worse off,” said Mr Brunker.

“The company is currently trying to take advantage of its workers by not delivering key provisions under the current award.”

CS Energy is trying to push through an enterprise agreement which:

  • Only pays shift workers for “time worked” not the full rate for overtime as provided for in the award. This means that while shift workers may be requested to work a shift which would incur a double time rate, they can only accrue ‘time worked’ under the company’s proposal.
  • The company wants to change the definition of the time span within which “day workers” can work within their usual shift. This means that workers will be offered no penalties for working night shifts, at the full discretion of the company.

“Kogan Creek is the largest single generating unit in Australia, providing baseload power in Queensland.

“The site is one of the lowest cost energy producers in the country; the claims by workers are not but a miniscule share compared to the $175 million in extra revenue CS Energy has received this year to date – on the back of the very workers they are trying to rip off.

“The CFMEU is a party to the single bargaining unit for the unions at the Kogan Creek site and we are committed to the negotiation process. But CS Energy must deliver fair rights and conditions for workers as contained in the industry award - it’s the least they can do for the committed workforce that continuously delivers for them.

“Workers who have given over ten years of service to the company deserve better from state-owned corporation, CS Energy, than to be treated with utter contempt and disrespect.

“CS Energy’s total revenue to date has been $400 million to the quarter ending March 2017. The Queensland Government cannot stand back and watch as workers are refused basic award conditions at the state-owned plant,” said Mr Brunker.

The CFMEU will kick off protected industrial action this Friday, 23 June.

Media contact: Elisa Fernandes, 0438 021 203