IndustriALL Case study: Glencore in Colombia

Published: 3 Aug 2018

Colombia is one of the resource-rich, conflict-ridden countries favoured by Glencore. The company is well known in the country for its violations of the environment and workers rights, including health and safety and the freedom of association.

As early as 2006, there were allegations of corruption and severe human rights violations with the local union, IndustriALL Global Union affiliate Sintracarbón, accusing the company of forced expropriations and evacuations of entire villages to enable mine expansion, in complicity with Colombian authorities.

Glencore has several interests in Colombia, including wholly owned subsidiary Prodeco, which has two adjacent mines (La Jagua and Calenturitas), a coal export terminal (Puerto Nuevo) and a stake in the railway that transports coal to the terminal. Prodeco employs about 6,000 people.