IR bill a blow to casual mineworkers

Published: 18 Mar 2021

The pared back IR Bill that passed through the Senate today is a blow to casual mineworkers, overturning important court decisions finding they have been unlawfully exploited by big mining and labour hire companies, the Miners Union said today.

CFMEU Mining and Energy General Secretary Grahame Kelly said mineworkers would be bitterly disappointed that while the bulk of the IR Bill was parked, measures to limit the rights of casuals were passed.

“This Government, with the support of One Nation, has introduced an unfair definition of casual based on words in the contract not the reality of the work arrangements,” said Mr Kelly.

“Further, mineworkers found to have been unlawfully employed as casuals will be prevented from claiming their rightful entitlements.

“The Federal Court has made a series of sensible judgments exposing the ‘permanent casual’ rort in the mining industry, which gave hope casual miners exploited over many years.

“The Morrison Government has done the bidding of big business to extinguish that hope. There are many politicians who voted for these measures today who loudly claim to support mineworkers. Their actions today expose them for the hypocrites they are.”