LNP must fix permanent casual mess before seeking support

Published: 14 Sep 2020

Queensland coal miners would not welcome overtures from LNP politicians to assist with political campaigning until they address the mass casualisation of permanent coal mining jobs across Queensland’s coal fields, the Miners’ Union said today.

CFMEU Mining and Energy Queensland President Stephen Smyth said a letter from Federal LNP MPs and Senators, which he learnt about via the Courier Mail, was a silly stunt.

Mr Smyth said the Federal LNP politicians should focus on their own responsibilities and fight a push to overturn rights for casual coal miners.

He has sent the following response to Senators Matt Canavan and Susan McDonald and MPs George Christensen, Michelle Landry and Ken O’Dowd:

I wish to place on the record the position of the CFMEU. We disagree with the assertion that the LNP supports coal mining jobs in Queensland.

In the time you have been trusted with representing the interests of Queensland mining communities in Federal Parliament, you have overseen mass casualisation of permanent coal mining jobs. Right now, your Government is intervening in a High Court challenge against rights for casual coal miners.

Support for workplace rights is non-negotiable when it comes to our Union’s decision to support any candidate or party. The LNP representatives in this region have not demonstrated that they support coal miners’ work rights or even understand the challenges coal miners face in their employment relationship with big mining and labour hire companies.  

I suggest you give up the stunts and instead tell constituents how you will fix the ‘permanent casual’ rort that has become entrenched on your watch, causing misery for families and costing your regions hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

It is no wonder you are struggling to find supporters to assist with election campaigning.

Once again thank you for your letter.


Stephen Smyth

CFMEU Mining and Energy Queensland President