Mangoola approval a great win for jobs and community

Published: 27 Apr 2021

Hundreds of jobs at Mangoola mine near Muswellbrook have been secured with today’s approval of extension plans by NSW’s Independent Planning Commission.
“This news comes as a great relief to the 400 directly employed mineworkers at Mangoola mine,” said CFMEU Northern Mining and NSW Energy District President Peter Jordan.
“The extension will also create 200 additional jobs. While there are conditions to work through, the Commission has found the Mangoola extension to be in the public interest. It’s a terrific outcome for workers and the community.”
The vast majority of workers at Mangoola live locally and the project has strong support, said Mr Jordan. Of 895 public submissions about the project, 776 were in favour.
“Well done to everyone who spoke up for this project and the value of coal mining jobs to our community.”