Mates in Mining - helping to prevent suicide in the mining industry

Published: 21 Dec 2017

Long hours, shift work and job insecurity can all put a strain on a worker’s sense of well being and put a lot of stress on relationships, too. There’s a high incidence of suicide in the mining industry, a statistic which everybody would like to change.

That’s why the Mates in Mining (MIM) program was set up. The simple idea underpinning the MIM program is “suicide is everyone’s business”. It’s about mates helping mates.

MIM provides suicide prevention programs through community development on sites, starting with general awareness training followed by the “Connector” model where workers on site can volunteer to help someone in crisis by connecting them to professional help. A further program, ASIST, equips workers with additional skills to help fellow workers – in a similar way to a site first aid officer.

MIM does not provide direct services, but is there to connect the affected worker to appropriate services in the industry or area. This could include financial counselling, drug and alcohol services, family and relationship counselling, etc.

Mates in Mining has also established a national helpline on 1300 642 111. They suggest that if you have a mate in trouble, you offer to do this together.

Christmas can be a stressful time of year. It is common for people to feel extra stress at this time of year. If you or one of your mates is struggling this Christmas, you can call the Mates in Mining helpline on 1300 642 111.

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