Miners resume protected industrial action at German Creek

Published: 29 Mar 2017

German Creek mineworkers will participate in further protected industrial action following a hiatus after mining giant Anglo American failed to come to an agreement on a replacement Enterprise Bargaining Agreement with workers on key issues surrounding job security.

CFMEU Mining and Energy Division Queensland District Vice-President, Glenn Power said workers would resume rolling stoppages as Anglo prepares to put their proposed enterprise agreement out to ballot.

CFMEU members will have the opportunity to vote on the company proposed enterprise agreement over the coming weeks.

“Our members are well and truly aware the ongoing bargaining for the proposed enterprise agreement has been protracted and has incorporated protected industrial action in pursuing our claims and in particular for job security,” said Mr Power.

“Whist progress has been made in some areas of our bargaining claims we still have not been able to reach agreement on adequate job security for our members.

“The company has highlighted the importance of job security with their recent action last year in selecting our members and terminating their employment through a purported redundancy process.

“Workers have tried to bargain in good faith for the last three years since the expiration of their former agreement without agreement on this key issue.

“Now the company wants to go to a ballot on an agreement that ignores key points around it. Local workers deserve good, steady jobs and it’s time mining giants look after their workers, their families and their communities.

“There are some really basic things we are asking for: fair and transparent redundancy processes, impartial arbitration procedures and some basic commitments on job security for workers. We’ve had more numerous meetings with Anglo trying to reach agreement on simple commitments around job security – it’s not a lot to ask.

“Anglo’s prolonged lack of cooperation shows little regard for adverse effects on regional communities.

“We call on Anglo to immediately cease their proposed ballot and return to the bargaining table in good faith to reach positive outcomes for employees, their families and the community,” Mr Power said.