Muswellbrook Shire Council: Reverse your opposition to the extension of Mangoola Mine

Published: 21 Apr 2021

Coal miners have traditionally been able to rely on local government to support their jobs.

But Muswellbrook Shire Council has opposed an extension of Mangoola mine, putting 500 jobs at risk.

CFMEU Northern Mining and NSW Energy Vice President Jeff Drayton said coal miners had traditionally been able to rely on local government representatives to support their jobs because of mining’s contribution to the region. 

“Muswellbrook Council’s opposition to the mine was surprising and seems to be based on spurious grounds,” he said.

“All mining proposals should of course meet the high environmental and regulatory standards required in NSW. Glencore’s proposal for Mangoola does this, while also creating jobs and delivering millions for the local and state economy.”

Please help support local mining jobs by asking Council to reverse their opposition to the Mangoola Coal Continued Operations Project. Your email will go to all Councillors.