Our Stem of Hope : Andrew Curtis and Motor Neurone Disease

Published: 17 Jul 2017

In 2008 the CFMEU lost an outstanding leader when Andrew Curtis lost his battle against Motor Neurone Disease.

He left behind a young family and loving wife, Linda.

At the time of his death Andrew was Lodge President at Blackwater No. 1. He was also a Central Councillor, representing the Queensland District on the Union's governing body. His dedication to his workmates and his ability to bring people together showed great leadership talent, which made the shock of his death all the greater for the Union. It was widely believed that he would take a significant leadership role in the future.

His wife, Linda, has now written a book, Our Stem Of Hope, which documents Andrew's courageous and determined battle against Motor Neurone Disease. We encourage you to buy it.

"Motor Neurone Disease - M.N.D.  Three little words...three little words that altered the course of our lives forever."