Port Kembla Coal Terminal's public claim a total fraud

Published: 24 Jan 2019

Port Kembla Coal Terminal management has shown total disrespect to it workers and the local community by issuing their deceptive public statement.

What they have put on the table is a ‘job security’ clause riddled with holes you could drive a truck through.

It took our legal team all of two minutes to assess that this clause would offer zero protection to any of the permanent workers at the terminal. It’s a total fraud.

A vague statement of intent is no job security guarantee, especially when it’s coming from this management.

There was a job security clause in the original enterprise agreement that made it extremely clear that the company cannot sack a permanent worker and replace them with a contractor. It would be simple to replicate this clause. The fact that management does not want to speaks volumes.

Contact: Bob Timbs 0417 562 783 / Anil Lambert 0416 426 722