Setting the record on casualisation in mining

Published: 10 Oct 2018

The CFMEU has written to politicians to set the record straight over employer misinformation about the WorkPac v Skene decision regarding the use of casuals in mining.

A letter to federal crossbench Senators from National President Tony Maher warns that employers are using fear-mongering over double-dipping to distract from the ‘permanent casual’ rort in mining.

While employer groups cry wolf about the impact of the WorkPac v Skene decision on small business and call for a new ‘perma-flexi’ work contract, Industrial Relations Minister Kelly O’Dwyer is reportedly considering legislative change to lock in employer rights to hire workers as casuals indefinitely. WorkPac has been lobbying crossbench senators to support the government’s case for legislative change, saying it was about “fairness and protecting small and medium businesses.”

Say what? Let’s remember that coal miner Paul Skene was a WorkPac contractor at a Rio Tinto mine. The drivers of this ‘permanent casual’ rort are big multinational mining companies, not mum-and-dad small businesses.

The government shouldn’t be encouraging big companies to hoodwink the cross-bench senators into supporting legislative changes to further disadvantage casual workers, said Mr Maher.

Download the full text of the letter