SHOCK: BHP announces plan to hire local workers

Published: 6 Dec 2018

BHP’s announcement it will directly employ 350 workers in two of its Bowen Basin coal mines shows that it sees the writing on the wall for the dodgy casual labour hire model widespread in the industry, CFMEU Mining and Energy said today.

“It should not be newsworthy that a multinational mining company operating in Queensland directly employs local workers,” said CFMEU Mining and Energy Queensland President Stephen Smyth.

“Unfortunately, it is. There are thousands of mineworkers in our state employed on dodgy labour hire arrangements with substandard pay and no job security in a model driven by big mining companies like BHP.

“Our Union’s efforts to challenge this model in the courts and at the worksites is having an impact.

“We absolutely welcome more directly-employed, permanent, local coal mining jobs for Queensland. This is what our industry should be delivering, without being dragged kicking and screaming.

“We will be fighting hard to make sure those workers employed by Operations Services are receiving the same pay and conditions as other directly employed at Daunia and Caval Ridge.

“We won’t accept the creation of a new form of second-class worker in the industry.”

The CFMEU has written to BHP to seek more information about the proposed conditions of employment for the new positions.