Silent treatment for workers as South32 snubs labour hire meeting

Published: 23 Jun 2020

South32 management called off a meeting with the Miners’ Union scheduled for today to address the company’s job and pay cuts for hundreds of labour hire workers at Appin coal mine.

CFMEU Mining and Energy District Vice President Bob Timbs said workers were getting the silent treatment after media attention on South32’s unfair employment practices.
"South32 doesn’t want any scrutiny, so they are suddenly now refusing to meet and discuss the issues,” said Mr Timbs.

“This is a real snub for the hundreds of labour hire workers who are anxious about their livelihoods in the current environment of job and wage cuts.

“The majority of Appin’s workforce is not directly employed but are instead outsourced to an ever-changing parade of labour hire companies dancing to South32’s tune.

“These workers risk their lives going underground every day and South32 rewards them by attacking any conditions they manage to negotiate with the support of the Union and forcing them out of work or onto substandard deals.

“Now they are refusing to meet and talk about their actions.

“We hear from our labour hire members at Appin every day that they are fed up with South32’s treatment of them.

“If South32 doesn’t want negative attention they should start doing the right thing and stop treating coal miners like mushrooms.”

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