Slashing of local newspapers a blow to mining communities

Published: 29 May 2020

The CFMEU Mining and Energy Division is deeply concerned about the impact of News Corp’s decision to shut down more than 100 regional newspapers, including in key mining regions.

News Corp has signalled the newspapers, including several titles in Central Queensland’s coal mining heartland, will not return following the coronavirus shutdown.

CFMEU National President Tony Maher said the decision was a blow to mining communities.

“Mining communities need to get information about their industries and issues and we know the mainstream metropolitan media generally thinks of mine workers as invisible,” Mr Maher said.

“Local news is the lifeblood of mining communities. It’s often the only way mining stories get told.

“Of course the direct job losses from News Corp themselves will also sting communities that can scarcely afford it.

“More broadly, the fact that News Corp will soon only deliver local newspapers to wealthy areas is a massive blow to Australian egalitarianism.

“I would urge the Murdochs, and News Corp Australia boss Julian Clarke, to reconsider this decision. Surely they understand they have a public purpose beyond profit."