Here are some quick answers to some commonly asked questions.

<p>You should join the District which covers your work location. You can see descriptions of the <a href="/districts">Districts' localities here.</a></p>
<p>By payroll deduction or direct debit. <a href="/contact">Contact your District Office</a> for more information.</p>
<p>You need to <a href="/contact">contact your District Office</a> by phone or email.</p>
<p>Yes they can. Contractors are very much a part of the industry.</p>
<p>Members of the Union who have a workplace issue should, in the first instance, speak with a Site Union Representative. Members can also <a href="http://me.cfmeu.org.au.staging1.stg.cfmeu.anchor.net.au/contact?enquiry=info%40cfmeu.com.au">phone the District Office</a> and ask to speak with their District Official. Depending on the the issue, our friendly office staff will ensure you are directed to the right person to help you.</p>
The Union is unable to find work for you in the industry, however we may be able to assist you by providing some contact details for mines and contracting companies in the District that you may be able to contact. Phone the <a href="http://me.cfmeu.org.au.staging1.stg.cfmeu.anchor.net.au/contact?enquiry=info%40cfmeu.com.au">District Office</a>.</p>